Mental Wellness

Hey guys its Gina! So you may be wondering why I didn’t do a Gospel Monday this week . . . and it’s because I forgot. But I asked Sam if I could take over Wellness Wednesday this week, so prepare for some serious wellness.

Yesterday I went to see a psychologist. I am a firm believer that everyone should go to therapy. If you’re sad, angry, or stressed, therapy can bring relief. If you’re going through a major life change, like moving away from home, starting a new career, or adjusting to a new life without a loved one, therapy can ease the transition. And if you’re totally happy with no conflict in your life whatsoever, you should still go to therapy, because who else is going to listen to you talk about yourself for a whole hour?

A lot of people have told me that their experience with therapy sessions have been awkward; one person told me about a psychologist who sat in a chair with a pen and paper staring at her, expecting her to monologue for the entire hour-long session. While I’m sure that’s exactly what some people need, that didn’t work for my friend, and it definitely wouldn’t have worked for me. So, if you don’t hit it off with your new psychologist on day one, try another! Psychologists — and medical professionals of any kind == are people, too, and not all people mesh. You wouldn’t choose your best friend or husband based on a list of people who happen to accept your form of insurance, so don’t lock yourself into a long-term relationship with some rando from the internet, just because they have “PhD” next to their name.

Anyway, I only went to one session and have done shockingly minimal research on the effects of seeing a psychologist regularly, so I’m not even going to pretend to be an expert for the sake of the blog. I just know that after one session with my brand spankin’ new therapist, I felt calmer and kinder than I have in a very, very long time. She even offered me new ways to look at the relationships I have with friends and family that help me to be more understanding of the people who have seemingly abandoned my family and me.

In today’s culture, we romanticize poor mental health. We listen to sad music when we’re already sad, just to truly wallow in our own self pity. And how many teen movies are there with a protagonist who suffers from a mental illness and doesn’t even consider seeking professional help (though, depression, anxiety, and anger all disappear when the protagonist is presented with a love interest)? Just look at how popular “13 Reasons Why” has become. Our culture is fascinated by mental illness.

But there is no glamor in living a life you don’t absolutely love, and there is nothing cooler than mental health.

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Gina Mingoia

19 year old SJCLI student runnin on butterbeer and pixie dust

One thought on “Mental Wellness

  1. Good luck Gina. I hope u feel better and better bad ur therapy goes on. I am one of those people who didn’t get anything out of my First therapist. Maybe I will try again. Love you sweetie. Aunt Eydie ❤️😘


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